Vespasian IVDAEA CAPTA, RIC 1233

Vespasian 69-79 AD, AE As

(27.2 mm, 8.05 g.)

Obv: Vespasian laureate bust right; IMP CAES VESPASIAN AVG COS VIII PP

Rev: Palm tree, arms scattered, Jewess seated in mourning to r.; IVDAEA CAPTA SC,

Reference: Hendin 1561, RIC II. 1233.

Earthen contrast added.

This lot is accompanied by a photo-authenticity receipt signed by David Hendin, author of Guide to Biblical Coins.

Though not a rare coin, as part of the Judea Capta coinage issued under Vespasian, it is an important one. The Roman victory over Judea was a very important historical moment. The Flavians knew this too at the time because they would issue many coins for decades after the victory. The arch of Titus shows the triumph celebrated as a result of the victory. On this arch is a depiction of a Menorah. This was supposedly one of the spoils of the victory transported to Rome. It is assumed that this and other treasures were looted from Judea in general and from the first temple specifically. There is a stone discovered in the colosseum that had a previous message to the one now visible. The earlier message states that the building of the colosseum was funded by the looting of the Judea treasures.

Many of the Judea Capta coins depict the figure of a mourning jew. Sometimes the figure sits tied to a palm tree and in other cases there is a trophy on one side of the seated figure. All of these coins commemorate actual historical events and as such they are very important historical documents. Recently coins such as this one have become even more popular than they were before the spread of the pandemic.

This coin has unfortunately had a fake desert patina added. Someone glued sand to the surface for 2 reasons I assume. First the sand provides an attractive contrast. Secondly, the sand hides defects on the coin. However, this is still an important coin for me because of the individual I purchased it from. This coin was purchased from David Hendin, the author of "Guide to Biblical Coins". The coin came with a letter guaranteeing the authenticity of the coin and featuring Mr. Hendin's signature.

I am very happy to add this coin to my collection.