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Domitian AR Denarius 88 CE (First Issue)

Domitian Minerva. Rome, AD 88. Silver denarius. 19mm. 3.28g. Obv: Laureate head right, IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM PM TR P VIII, beaded border. Rev:Minerva standing left holding spear, IMP XVI COS XIIII CENS P P P. RIC 655 (R2) Good VF, bright silver, bold head. Purchased from Chris Rudd Numismatics February 2019 Lately I have been spending a few hours a night checking the Flavian coins for sale on different sites. I deliberately check the attributions. Looks like it paid off this time. This coin was misattributed by the seller. I am so happy that I bought RIC II Part 1. It has more than paid for itself in its usefulness. Domitian definitely had a thing for Minerva. She dominates the r

Domitian AR Denarius 92 CE (Second Issue)

Domitian AR Denarius Rome mint struck 92 CE (second issue) 18.5 mm 3.25 g Obverse: IMP CAES DOMIT AVG-GERM P M TR P XI, laureate head of Domitian right Reverse: IMP XXII COS XVI CENS P P P, Minerva standing facing, helmeted head left, vertical spear in right hand RIC 738 (R2) Purchased from Germania Inferior Numsmatics on Vcoins February 1, 2019 Here is another rarity. It is the second issue of 92 CE. The coin was minted between January and mid September. Here is what RIC says about this issue. "The second issue incorporates Domitian's final imperatorial acclamation (IMP XXII) which, on the basis of the extreme rarity of these coins, probably took place shortly before the change in

Vespasian Denarius 77-78 CE

Vespasianus, 69-79 CE Minted 77-78 CE AR-Denar Rom, 77/78 n. Chr. 3.21 g Obv.: CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, Kopf mit Lorbeerkranz n. r. Rev.: IMP XIX, Modius mit Kornähren RIC 980 Ex: Kölner Münzkabinett January 15, 2019 On first glance this looks like a common issue of RIC 980. It has the same legends as this coin and you can see the modius on the reverse. However, if you look more closely you can see that there is something extra amongst the grain ears. There are poppies on either side of the middle grain ear. I have seen another variant with poppies amongst other grain ears. RIC does not give these variants their own RIC numbers. Instead it comments on RIC 980 that some dies have poppie

Vitellius Denarius 69 CE

Vitellius AR Denarius 69 CE 17 mm 3.32 g Obv: A.VITELLIVS GERM IMP AVG. TR P.: Head of Vitellius, laureate, right Rev: L VITELLIVS COS III CENSOR: Bust of Lucius Vitellius, laureate and draped, right; eagle-tipped sceptre in front Very rare RIC 99 Silbury coins January 27, 2019. I was looking for an interesting denarius for my 12 Caesars collection and this one became available. Lately I have become interested in these dynastic denarii. On the obverse is a portrait of Aulus Vitellius (the emperor), and on the reverse is a portrait of his father the consul Lucius Vitellius. There were 2 types minted with the portrait of the elder Vitellius. The other one RIC 77 is rarer than this type, but b

Domitian Denarius 81 CE

Domitian A.D. 81 AR Denarius (18x19) mm (3.2) g Obv: IMP CAES DOMITIANVS AVG P M; laureate head right. Rev: COS VII DES VIII P P; Seat, draped; above, semicircular triangular frame decorated with three crescents. RIC II Rome 32 (R) Purchased from Victor Clark January 19,2018 Minted in 81 CE just weeks after Domitian assumed the title of Augustus, this coin is pat of a rare issue of denarii. While group 2 denarii are extremely rare, group 3 denarii are not very much more common. As a group 3 denarius this coin while rare is definitely not the rarest of the group. It is still however a very difficult coin to find if you want one. The reverse legend reads "COS VII DES VIII PP". For group 2 de



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