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Where to buy Ancient Coins

Forum Ancient Coins

This is my first stop when searching for a new acquisition. Great service and a wonderful variety of coins.

Roman Coin Shop

This seller has a very nice inventory of assorted ancient coins. The prices are reasonable and the service is excellent.


This seller has a site that offers both a fixed price list with some some very interesting coins, and regular auctions. Some of the auctions start at 1 Euro. I have bought from this seller several times and have always been pleased.  The shipping is fast and the communication is very good.

Ed Waddell

If you are looking for a trustworthy dealer who has some amazing high end coins then look no further. I highly recommend him and his site. You can buy with confidence from this seller.

Lumis Numis

I just found this site recently and I am glad that I did. I ordered some Abafil trays and could not be happier with the service and the products I received. Kevin is great to deal with. He has a variety of coins to satisfy almost any interest.

Silbury Coins

This seller based in the UK has a great selection of ancient coins available. However, for me the page I always check first on this site is the hoard coins for sale page. It is not very often that you can trace a coin back to the ground it came from. If this interests you then you should visit this site.


This auction house has an e-auctie ground it came fromon every 2 weeks. They also conduct special sales such as print catalogue sales and Triton. Bidding can be fierce in these auctions but it is always a thrill to capture a special coin.

Naville Numismatics

One of my favourite auction houses. They offer a good variety of Ancient coins and have coins for almost any budget.


This site has many dealer members who sell fixed priced coins through the site. The dealers are bound by a code of ethics so this is a safe place to buy coins.



Like Vcoins this site has many dealer members who sell coins here. Do not be afraid to make a fair offer to the dealers on this site. The worst they can say is no.



This is a portal that has links to many different auctions from all over the globe. With some auction houses you can bid through Numisbids but with others you need to bid with the auction house on their own website or auction platform.



Another auction portal with similarities to Numisbids. However, they do not carry the exact same auction houses. It is wise to check both sites for their list of auctions because some auctions will only be listed on either biddr or Numisbids and not both.


This is another auction portal. Again, you may need to check several of these platforms in order to cover all of the auctions concurrently.

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