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Divus Vespasian denarius

Divus Vespasian, AR Denarius. Rome, under Titus, 80-81.

(17.5 mm, 3.24 g, 4 h),

Obv: Laureate head of Divus Vespasian to right; DIVVS VESPASIANVS [AVGVSTVS] 

Rev: Slow quadriga to right, with car in form of small temple; EX S C

RIC 362 (R2); BMC 117; RSC 147; Hendin 1585a

Ex: Nomos Obolos Auction 16 Lot 1127 Sunday October 11, 2020

I was very excited to win this one at auction a few weeks ago. The Divus issues of Vespasian issued by Titus are, as a group, not rare at all. However, in amongst the common issues there are a few rarities. This coin is one of those. This coin is rare because of 2 features, the right facing quadriga and an extremely rare obverse legend. The legend DIVVS VESPASIANVS [AVGVSTVS] was until recently only known for this coin. Curtis Clay has informed me that an example has been found with this obverse legend but with the much more common left facing quadriga on the reverse.

I love the portrait and I feel that the reverse has a lot of charm. This shall take a special place in my collection.


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