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Vespasian AR Denarius struck under Titus as a Posthumous Issue (80-81 CE)

Vespasian as DIVVS AR Denarius 80-81 CE

(19mm 3.10g)


Rev: EX across field; Victory advancing left placing shield on trophy; Judea standing left.

RIC 364 [TITVS]; BMC 112; RSC 44

Purchased from Zeus Numismatics Budget auction 11 Lot 621 August 1, 2020

This is not a rare coin. It is an interesting one however. Titus issued a series of DIVVS issues after Vespasian's death. The DIVVS title establishes Vespasian as a god. It is said that on his death Vespasian was heard to say something like Oh my I am becoming a god. Vespasian was known for a sly sense of humour.

Why did I want this coin? Well, I am interested in these DIVVS types and the price was right. For the last few years I have only collected the rare issues of the Flavians, but sometimes these are few and far between. It seems that the Flavians have become desirable additions to Roman coin collections. I can understand why because for the most part they are both interesting and affordable.

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