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Vespasian AE As 71 CE

Vespasian (69-79). Æ As Rome, AD 69-70.

26 mm. 9.4 gm.

Obv: [imp] CAESAR VESPASIAN [AVG PM TRP], Laureate head r., wearing aegis.

Rev: T ET DOM[ITIAN CAESARES PRIN IV]VENT S C, Titus and Domitian Caesars on horseback r.

RIC II 64 (R2); BMC 750. Very Rare.

Purchased from Praefectus coins August 2, 2020

I love the dynastic types for Vespasian with his sons featured on the reverse. This coin has the brothers on horseback on the reverse.I know the coin is a bit rough but it is so rare that if i did not grab this one I might never have seen another available for the remainder of my lifetime. Sometimes you have to take what the market provides and this is such a case.

Though the portrait is quite worn there are signs that it was once in good style. It would be nice to have a better reverse so the horses and riders would be more apparent, but what remains does make a positive impression.

I have very few bronze pieces in my collection but this one I had to have. The message of the coin is very clear. We are the Flavian dynasty and my sons will rule after me. This projects an attitude of confidence and security. I think it attempts to convince the populous that this dynasty means stability for the empire. After all, the year of the 4 emperors was only 2 years before this coin was struck and that was definitely not a period of stability for the empire.

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