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Vespasian AR Denarius 74 CE RIC 686

Vespasian AR Denarius 74 CE Rome

(18mm 2.87g)

Obv: Büste mit belorb. Kopf n. rechts; IMP CAESAR VESP AVG Rev: geflügelter Caduceus; PONTIF MAXIM RIC 686; BMC 146; RSC 390

Purchased from Munzhandlung Andre Cichos on Ma-Shops

While this coin is not super rare, it is also not common either. There are several denarii for Vespasian that feature the Caduceus. Contrary to popular opinion, the Caduceus is not the symbol for medicine. Instead it represents prosperity. The symbol for medicine is the rod of Asclepius. This rod has a single serpent coiled around it.

Yes this coin is worn, especially the obverse, but it is interesting enough to be a part of my collection. This one was bought from Andre Cichos on Ma-Shops. I highly recommend this seller in particular, and this selling platform in general. With the increased competition and high prices within the last year, it is getting difficult to find coins that go under the radar so to speak.


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