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Vespasian AR Denarius 73 CE (Group 7)

Vespasian AR denarius 73 CE Ephesus (Group 7)

(3.23 g)


Rev: Ceres seated left on ornate high backed chair; with corn ears poppy and cornucopiae; in exergue star; CONCORDIA AVG

RIC 1453, RPC 850

Group 7 denarii for Vespasian in 73 CE are all rare. There are three coin types in the group. It so happens that this one is the most common of them. However, it is in itself a very rare coin. This coin is R2 (very few examples known) while the other 2 are R3 (one example known). These Ephesian denarii have a style all of their own. I prefer the interesting portraits of Ephesus to the sometimes repetitive Rome portraits. This coin has a lovely light grey toning as well.

This coin was listed as RIC 1428, it is not. RIC 1428 has COS III in the obverse legend. Take a close look at the obverse legend on this coin. You can faintly see the second I after COS. In fact with a bit of attention you can see all four Is of the legend. I already have a 1428 but I am always on the lookout for interesting Ephesian denarii.

If you are considering chasing coins such as this one it is vital to have the appropriate reference by your side. Internet references are often incorrect and many sellers, including large top name firms, make attribution errors very often when it comes to coins of this type.


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