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Vespasian AR Denarius 69-70

Vespasian, with Titus and Domitian as Caesars (AD 69-79) AR denarius.

circa 21 December 69-early 70, (18mm 2.71g) Obv: Laureate head right; IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG Rev: Titus and Domitian on horseback right; TITVS ET DOMITIAN CAES PRIN IV No specimens in Rekka Devnia hoard RIC 5

Now why on earth would I want such an ugly and rough looking coin. Well, just try to find another. The portrait is not too bad. Actually, I would say it is a fairly sympathetic portrait of Vespasian. The reverse features Titus and Domitian on horseback. If you look under the horses head you will see the forepart of the second horse. AS for the legend you can just make out "DOMI" in the top left.

Yes, okay it is a rare coin and I have over 100 rare coins in my collection but so what? This is a dynastic issue coin because it includes Titus and Domitian on the reverse. I really like the dynastic Flavian types. First they are just really cool. Who would not want a coin with 3 Roman emperors on it? I think that is pretty neat. However there is another more serious reason. Dynastic issues such as this one were sending a clear message. Vespasian was telling the Roman world that he had every intention of setting up a dynasty that would rule Rome for many years to come. Clearly, he intended Titus and Domitian to rule after him as Emperors themselves.

I know it is rough but I love this coin just the same. Maybe one day I will find an upgrade but until then I am perfectly willing to enjoy this coin as it is.


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