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Domitian AR Denarius 85 CE (Fourth Issue) RIC 338

Domitian AR Denarius 85 CE (Fourth issue)


Obv: Laureate bust right, IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM PM TR P IIII

Rev: Minerva standing left with spear; IMP VIIII COS XI CENS POT PP

RIC 338

Ex: Aegean store on Vcoins

Ex: Savuto collection

Apart from this one I have not seen one of these come to market since I started collecting. I purchased this one from a friend who was able to spot this rarity. This coin was misattributed and so was overlooked by other collectors. Thank you Jay for allowing me to add this one to mu collection.

As mentioned this coin is very rare. It is a coin from the fourth issue of precious metal coinage from 85 CE. If you are very luck and you are looking for it, you just might find one of these for yourself. All denarii from 85 CE are rare. Another friend of mine finally found one after actively looking for more than 1.5 years. The fourth issue is interesting because within it there are 2 parallel groups. One group has the Aegis on the portrait and the other does not. This is true for all of the Minerva types except M1-Minerva advancing right. I have been informed that this coin has now surfaced which means the parallel groups are complete.

My goal is to collect all of the denarii in the fourth and fifth issues from 85 CE. They are very elusive. What makes these issues special is the CENS POT in the reverse legend. This is a departure from the common CENS PPP. However, there is another reason I collect the denarii of 85 CE. Some of them have incredible portraits. The portrait above is very nice but not quite the most artistic representation. If you want a great portrait of Domitian look for a denarius dated between 84-88 CE. Having said that I think the Minerva on the reverse is rendered in very fine style.

Take a look at my other denarii from 85 CE on this site if you want to see some great portraits. Thanks for taking a look.


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