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Domitian AR Denarius 77-78 CE

Titus. AR Denarius as Caesar, AD 69-79. Rome, under Vespasian, Struck AD 77/8.

(19.04 mm, 3.22 g),

Obv: T CAESAR IMP VESPASIANVS, laureate head of Titus right.

Rev: COS VI, prow of galley right, sides ornameted with intricate cross-hatch and maeander patterns; above, star with sixteen rays. RIC 950 (R); BMC 226; RSC 68. SRCV I (2000) 2441

Ex: Numismatik Naumann Auction 88 Lot 656 April 5 2020.

Ex: Roman coin shop dot com

From Domitian's 2nd year as Augustus. While this coin is worn I rather liked the portrait. I have a number of coins from Domitian's first year as Augustus and I very much like these early issues. While the portraits vary greatly some are very charming like this one. This coin also shows a very early use of Minerva on the reverse. Minerva would become standard on the reverse for Domitian. At the time this coin was struck others were also struck that depicted Minerva on the reverse but holding Victory. I love those types. Many o0f them are rare. I wonder what would have happened had Domitian adopted the holding Victory type as a standard on his denarii.

While this coin is not rare, it is difficult to find. Part of the problem is that some have difficulty dealing with the reverse and obverse legends. They can be confusing and so these coins are often misattributed.