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Domitian AR Denarius RIC 271 [Titus]

Domitian as Caesar 80 CE


Obv: Head laureate right; CAESAR DIVI F DOMITIANVS COS VII

Rev: Corinthian helmet on draped throne; PRINCEPS IVVENTUTIS

RIC: 271 [Titus]; BMC 98; RSC 399a

Purchased from Harlan Berk HJB Fixed Price list 4

Here is one for Domitian as Caesar. Note the very Flavian nose. In Domitian's reign portraits on his coinage would become idealized. However, the interest here is in the reverse. On the top of the pulvinar is a Corinthian helmet. While there are many types for Domitian with the pulvinar, or the seat of the gods, this type was only struck for him as Caesar under Titus. You may also have noted from the attribution where I purchased this coin. I have bought coins from Harlan Berk for several years and can highly recommend him as a good source for ancient coins. The service is fast and friendly.!/


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