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Domitian and Domitia 82 CE RIC 845

Domitian, with Domitia (81-96).

AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm of uncertain mint (Rome for export and usage in Asia).

(10.5 g)

Obv: Laureate bust of Domitian right; IMP CAES DOMITIAN AVG PM COS VIII

Rev: Draped bust of Domitia right; DOMITIA AVGVSTA

RIC 845; RPC II 866; RSC 2.

Spink USA 370 - The Numismatic Collector's Series e-Auction Lot 18 July 14, 2021

This is my first coin that includes Domitian's wife Domitia. Sources such as Suetonius implicate Domitia in the assassination of her husband. One must remember that Suetonius was trading in gossip for some of his assertions. The hatred of the senate towards Domitian was well knownI am glad that I was able to own one at all. and I would not have put it past these individuals to have attempted the virtual assassination of Domitian after his death. Hated is one thing but hated so much that you wife kills you? Well that is something else entirely.

As for this coin, it is obviously a well worn example. That is okay by me. The fact that the condition is below par allowed me to purchase it. In better condition, Cistohophori such as this demand very high prices. Still I think there are positive points that should be mentioned. First it is a nice substantial hunk of silver. I also like the portrait of Domitian. The style is quite nice and I like that his full name is spelled out. Of course, another reason I like the coin is that I now have a coin of Domitia! She is an important character in the life of Domitian and should be referenced in any collection focussed on Domitian.


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