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Another Curtis Clay Rarity

Domitian; 81-96 AD, Rome, 81 AD, Denarius, 2.39g.

Obv: IMP CAES DOMITIAN AVG PONT Head laureate r.

Rev: COS VII - DES VIII P P Wreath on curule chair.

RIC-23 (R3) (This coin).

Ex Curtis L. Clay Collection, gift from Jurki Muona, Dec. 2008.

Possibly only the second known specimen with this reverse.

Part of the Sotin Hoard

RIC (2007) reference coin

Ex Harlan Berk Bid or Buy sale #224 Lot # 145

 Though this is obviously a rough appearing coin, it does not matter in this case because this coin is exceptionally rare. Sometimes one has to accept what the market gives. This coin has many things going for it. First I will always be interested in these PONT coins because they mark a fascinating point in the history of the coins of Domitian. I love the first year denarii for Domitian as Augustus because one can see the transition in reigns between Titus and Domitian. Domitian copied the reverses forTitus, but Domitian dealt with his titles differently. In this case it is likely that the use of PONT was used by Domitian as a transition to PONT MAX. Domitian was particular about his titles and it is possible he had not yet ascended to PONT MAX, so he used PONT nistead to signal the nmext step in his ascension.

If you see Domitian denarii witth PONT in the opbverse legend, buy them!. They are rare coins and the Domitian specialists will defintely snap these up as soon as they appear. Rarity is one reason, but the other is their place in the history of Domitian's coinage.


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