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Vespasian AR Denarius (71 CE)

Vespasian AR Denarius. Lugdunum. 70 CE

(16.5mm 3.04g)

Obv: Head laureate right; IMP CAESAR VESPASIAVS AVG TR P.

Rev: Palm tree; to left Judea standing left; hands bound in front; IVDEA DEVICTA

RIC 1120; BMC 388; RSC 243

Purchased from INumis August 3, 2020.

This coin is in a completely different class from my previous post. While not technically rare, this type is so much in demand that it is difficult to find in the marketplace. When you do find one prepare to open your wallet. The high demand for this coin dries the price quite high.

This coin is in demand for a few reasons. First, it is a type that references the Jewish wars in which both Vespasian and Titus were involved. So it is historically interesting as it marks a specific event. There is more to it of course. The type for Vespasian that spell out IVDEA on the reverse are among the most sought after coins of the era. They are sought after by those who do not collect coins as well. People instead in biblical history may only have a few ancient coins but the IVDEA types are very much of interest to this population.

Now this particular type is also interesting because it is not the normal IVDEA CAPTA (RIC 2) that we see most of the time. That coin is still very much sought after but is much more common than this coin. One fo the reasons collectors find it interesting is the legend IVDEA DEVICTA. This legend only appears on 4 types: one denarius and 3 aurei. So this is the only denarius with this legend. That is another reason this coin is sought after, a rare legend. The IVDEA CAPTA legend is on many coin types. However, that does not mean they are not popular with collectors.

It took me years to find one of these for sale. As soon as I saw it i bought it. If you want one I suggest you do the same and buy it as soon as you see it. It will not last long at auction or in a dealer's stock.

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