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Domitian AR Denarius 81 CE (Group 4)

Domitian AR Denarius 81 CE (Group 4)

(18mm 3.1g)

Obv: Head laureate right; IMP CAES DOMITIANVS AVG PM

Rev: Minerva advancing right with spear and shield; TR P COS VII DES VIII PP

RIC 58; BMC 11; RSC 560

Purchased from Savoca 81st Blue auction July 19, 2020 Lot 942

While this is not a rare coin it is a scarce one. It is difficult to find one if you are looking for one. I bought this for a few reasons. First it is a first year type and I find the first types for Domitian as Augustus to be very interesting. Next, I really liked the portrait. Lastly, This is an early appearance of Minerva and Minerva would come to dominate the reverse of Domitian later in his rule.

One of the reasons I am interested in these first yer denarii is the transition in titles from PONT to PM. I would love to and more PONT denarii but they are all rare to extremely rare. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found several of these. You cn find these elsewhere on this blog.

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