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Domitian AR Denarius 88 CE

Domitian AR Denarius 88 CE (First Issue) Obv: Laureate head right; IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERMAN PM TR P VII Rev: Minerva standing left with spear; IMP XIII COS XIIII CENS PPP RIC 585 (R2); BMC P. 325 note; RSC 233a Purchased from Victor's Imperial Coins May 10, 2020.

So this looks like yet another Domitian denarius with a Minerva reverse. In one sense it is exactly that, however one should look more closely. Pay particular attention to the obverse legend. You will notice that GERMAN is used instead of the much more common GERM. This variation exists on only 4 types of Domitian denarii. This one, RIC 585, is one of those. I am also lucky enough to be the owner of one of the other 3 types RIC 573. All denarii with this variation in the obverse legend are very rare. You would be lucky to see one every several years.

Rarity is not the only attractive feature of this coin. The portrait is lovely. The coin has a nice light grey toning which highlights the features of the portrait.

If you are looking for one of these you need to read the coin descriptions carefully. In many cases these coins are misattributed. This coin was properly identified, but my example of RIC 573 was misattributed by a major and famous auction house.

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