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Vespasian AR Denarius 74 CE

Vespasian, 69-79. Denarius 74, Rome.

3.17 g

Obv: Head Laureate right IMP CAESAR VESP AVG

Rev:Emperor with branch and scepter on a Curule chair.


RIC II / 1, 683, C. 363 BMC 135

Ex: Dr. Busso Peus Nach. January 19, 2018

Yes, this is another worn coin of Vespasian. It is also one that is not seen everyday. In fact this is the case for all of the coins of Vespasian in this issue. If you look through the past posts on this blog you will see another Vespasian denarius from this issue. It is RIC 685. What makes these coins rare is the Obverse legend: IMP CAESAR VESP AVG. Though the VESP AVG is missing on this coin, it is possible to compare this coin to ones with the CEN or CENS ending and note that in these cases the VESP alway occurs on the left hand side of the obverse after the head or at the back of the head. On the CEN or CENS issues the VESP appears to the right or on top of the head but never on the left side. It is therefore possible to identify this coin as the VESP AVG type and therefore RIC 683.

There are a few more from this issue that I would love to add. The coins of Titus from this year have the legend T Caesar IMP VESP. You can see 2 of those on this blog, RIC 692 [VESP] and 695 [VESP]. RIC 695 [VESP] is the RIC plate coin and there are only 2 known so far. I would love to add RIC 693 [VESP] and RIC 694 [VESP].

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