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Vespasian Alexandrian Tetradrachm

Egypt, Alexandria. Dattari. Vespasian, 69-79 Tetradrachm 1 July-28 August 69 (year 1), billon 24.5mm., 11.95g.

Laureate head r.; in front, LA.

Rev. ΕΙΡΗΝΗ Eireine standing, l., with corn-ears and caduceus.

RPC 2401. Geissen 266. Dattari-Savio Pl. 13, 6688 (this coin).

Purchased from Naville Numismatics Auction 55 Lot 293

I cannot seem to resist these Alexandrian Tetradrachms when they appear at auction. Naville has been listing these in its auction for at least a couple of years. While I find the portrait to be quite nice, I bought this coin for the provenance. It was a part of the famed Dattari collection. This coin also happens to be the plate coin for the publication that documents the Dattari collection.

I did not have a tetradrachm with this reverse and I was intrigued by the portrait. I now have several Dattari plate coins but am always looking to add more.

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