Titus AR Denarius (73 CE) (Group 3)

Titus Caesar AR Denarius circa 73,

19mm., 3.25g.

Obv: Laureate head r.

Rev. Emperor seated r. on curule chair, feet on footstool, holding sceptre and olive branch. C 158. RIC 554. Toned, Very Fine. From the M.J. Collection.

Ex: Naville Numismatics Live Auction 53 Lot 522

I wanted this coin because it is a mule. It has an obverse of Titus but a reverse of Vespasian. In find these mules to be quite interesting. I have been trying to get one of this type for over a year. Every time I saw one at auction my high bid was not enough.

I am very glad to have landed this one and it will have an important place in my collection. I also like this coin for the interesting portrait of Titus. The portrait looks very much like his father Vespasian.