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Vespasian AR Denarius 77-78

Vespasian Denarius AR Denarius,

2.84g Rome Mint, 77-78 AD RIC 939 (R). BMC 203. RSC 129. Obv: IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r. Rev: COS VIII; Mars, helmeted, naked except for cloak, fastened with belt round waist, standing l., holding spear slanting upwards l. in r. hand and trophy on l. shoulder in l. Corn-ear upright in ground r.

At first glance this coin looks like a rough coin with not worthy of any particular collector interest. However, appearances can be deceiving. While the Mars standing reverse is very common for Vespasian, I bought this coin for the rare addition on the reverse. To the right of Mars there is a corn ear sticking out of the ground. That addition makes this coin rare.

Despite the irregular flan and the wear I still like this coin very much. Much of the charm I think is the artistically rendered figure of Mars. I really like adding these unusual coins to my collection and this one will have a special place in it.

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