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Domitian AR Denarius 85 CE (5th Issue)

Domitian. Denarius. Rome 85 CE. (Fifth Issue)

Obv: Head laureate r; IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM PM TR P V

Rev: Minvera advancing r with spear and shield; IMP VIIII COS XI CENS POT PP

RIC-342. BMC --

Jesus Vico Mail bid auction # 153 Lot 3136 March 7, 2019

This is yet another rare coin of Domitian. It is so scarce that even the British museum does not have an example. What makes it rare is the legend on the reverse.Note that instead of CENS PPP the legend reads CENS POT PP. There were only 2 issues that used this legend on denarii, the fourth and the fifth. All of the coins in this issue are rare. They are all either R2 (very few examples known) or R3 (unique).

The fourth and fifth issues of Domitian's denarii for 85 CE are important because the mark a reform to the coinage. According to RIC this reform took place between the third issue (CENS POTES) and the fourth issue (CENS POT). This reform reduced the fineness of the denarii to post reform Neronian standards.

For me the above does increase the interest of the coin, but I bought it because I loved the look of it. I love the way the CENS POT legend on the reverse frames the figure of Minerva. and I find the portrait well done and attractive.

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