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Domitian AR Denarius 73 CE

Domitian as Caesar AR Denarius 73 CE

(3.04 gm). Rome

Obv: Leaureate head r: CAES AVG F DOMITIAN COS II

Rev: Domitian on horseback, rearing left, right hand raised adlocutio, scepter in left.

RIC 539 (R) [Vesp]

I absolutely love the portrait on this coin. It is a very different portrait for Domitian. It depicts Domitian as Caesar and was issued under Vespasian in 73 CE. The seller misattributed this coin as a common coin which it is not. The legend is different and the direction of the legend is clockwise where it is anti-clockwise on the common type.

I find the reverse to be just as attractive as the obverse.It depicts Domitian on horseback carrying a sceptre. I think the depiction of the horse is quite dynamic.

This coin will take a treasured place in my 12 Caesars collection.

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