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Titus AR Denarius 76 CE (First Issue)

Titus AR Denarius.Under Vespasian 76 CE (first issue)

3.14 g

Obv:Leaureate head right, T CAESAR IMP VESPASIAN

Rev:Jupiter standing facing with patera over altar, IOVIS CUSTOS

RIC 863 [VESP] (R2)

Purchased from ebay February 21, 2019

One might think when looking at this coin that it is just another worn denarius of Titus. While this true, it is also a rare coin.RIC designates it as R2, very few examples known. It was issued for Titus as Caesar under the rule of Vespasian in 76 CE. It copies a reverse of Vespasian. The Iovis Custos reverse was a new reverse type issued in 76 CE. The Vespasian coin is quite common but this one is not. In fact there are a number of coins of Vespasian which were also issued in the name of Titus.

So aside from the rarity why did I want it? I thought it was interesting that it copied a common reverse type for Vespasian, I liked the look of the portrait, and I am always willing to add interesting coins of Titus to my collection.

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