Vitellius Denarius 69 CE

Vitellius AR Denarius

69 CE

17 mm 3.32 g

Obv: A.VITELLIVS GERM IMP AVG. TR P.: Head of Vitellius, laureate, right

Rev: L VITELLIVS COS III CENSOR: Bust of Lucius Vitellius, laureate and draped, right; eagle-tipped sceptre in front

Very rare

RIC 99

Silbury coins January 27, 2019.

I was looking for an interesting denarius for my 12 Caesars collection and this one became available. Lately I have become interested in these dynastic denarii. On the obverse is a portrait of Aulus Vitellius (the emperor), and on the reverse is a portrait of his father the consul Lucius Vitellius. There were 2 types minted with the portrait of the elder Vitellius. The other one RIC 77 is rarer than this type, but both types are very difficult to find for sale. When they do appear, they command top prices. This coin is sought after and is a departure from the other denarii types for Vitellius.

Please see an earlier post for my other dynastic denarius of Vitellius that features his children on the reverse. This type was copied by Vespasian and features Titus and Domitian on the reverse.

The condition for this coin is not great. There is a chip on the right hand side, and there is some apparent wear. However, I very much like that in the case of the reverse the legends are clear and readable. With coins of this type one has to accept what the market makes available regardless of condition. I consider myself fortunate to have found and bought this coin. It is already residing in my Abafil case wth my other 12 Caesars coins.