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Vespasian Denarius 77-78 CE

Vespasianus, 69-79 CE

Minted 77-78 CE

AR-Denar Rom, 77/78 n. Chr. 3.21 g

Obv.: CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, Kopf mit Lorbeerkranz n. r. Rev.: IMP XIX, Modius mit Kornähren

RIC 980 Ex: Kölner Münzkabinett January 15, 2019

On first glance this looks like a common issue of RIC 980. It has the same legends as this coin and you can see the modius on the reverse. However, if you look more closely you can see that there is something extra amongst the grain ears. There are poppies on either side of the middle grain ear. I have seen another variant with poppies amongst other grain ears. RIC does not give these variants their own RIC numbers. Instead it comments on RIC 980 that some dies have poppies on the reverse. I thought that this variant was interesting so I have added it to my collection.

Otherwise this coin looks unremarkable. The portrait is okay some of the legend is missing on the obverse and worn on the reverse. Sometimes it helps to have a second look. See if you can find one of these. They are rare but there are a few out there to be found.

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