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Titus 79-81 CE

Here is another interesting coin of Titus. First it is catalogued as RIC 1. This coin was probably minted in the first few weeks of Titus' rule as Augustus.

Take a look at the reverse. You will see a Jewish captive kneeling at the foot of a trophy. Titus' father Vespasian famously put a Jewish captive on the reverse of his own coinage. Since Titus was very involved with the suppression of the Jewish people in Jerusalem and the subsequent looting of the city, I suppose it makes sense that this subject would be continued on his coins.

I like this coin mostly for the reverse. However, I also think the portrait has some charm to it as well. One can clearly see his resemblance to his father.

Titus AR Denarius

Judea Capta Issue

(18 mm 3.12 g,)

Obv: IMP T CEASAR VESPASIANUS AUG Laureate head right

Rev: TR POT VIII Captive kneeling right at foot of trophy

RIC 1, RSC 334a, Sear RCV (2000) 2505.


April 20, 2017

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