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Tiberius Denarius 14-37 CE

Tiberius was the third of "The Twelve Caesars" as described in the Lives of the Caesars by Suetonius. He is well known as the emperor who would groom the next emperor, Gaius (more commonly known as Caligula).The denarii of Tiberius are sometimes referred to as boring by some collectors. One reason is that there were only a few types of denarii issued. By far the most common is the one that many refer to as "The Tribute Penny" of the bible.It must be said however that there are minor variations in the design of the reverse on the Tribute Penny and there are collectors who try to get as many variations as possible. The denarius below is much less common.

The reverse is very similar to a reverse on a coin of Augustus. This coin features Augustus on the obverse and Tiberius on the reverse in a quadriga. These denarii of Tiberius do appear from time to time, but when they do there is quite a bit of competition for them as they represent an alternative denarius to the Tribute Penny.

Tiberius, 14-37 Denarius Lugdunum circa 15-16, AR

(18.55 mm., 3.85 g).

Obv: TI CAESAR DIVI - AVG F AVGVSTVS Laureate head r.

Rev: TR POT XVII IMP VII Tiberius holding branch and eagle-tipped scepter in triumphal quadriga r.

RIC 4. C 48. SRCV I (2000) 1762 Ex: Naville Numismatics Auction #25 Lot #407 September 25, 2016

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