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Welcome to Historical Ancient Roman Coins. I am passionate about  ancient coins, and I truly believe that passion is relayed back to my readers through the  content that I post. Explore my site, and all that I have to offer; perhaps Historical Ancient Roman coins will ignite your own passions too.

July 17, 2019

Octavian as Augustus, 27 BC – 14 AD Denarius 

Lugdunum circa 13-14,

18mm., 3.56g. 

Obv: Laureate head r.

Rev. Tiberius in triumphal quadriga r., holding laurel branch and eagle-tipped sceptre. 

RSC 301. RIC 224.

Ex: Naville Numismatics Live auction 50 Lot 439 June 23, 2019


May 4, 2019

Domitian as Caesar Denarius 75 CE

18mm., 3,21g.

Obv: Head leaureate r; CAES AVG F DOMIT COS III

Rev: Spes stg l with flower; PRINCEPS IVVENTVT

RIC 788 [Vespasian] BMC 156

Ex: Savoca Blue 19thauction April 21, 2019 Lot 1143

 I am interested in the minor variations that occur...

April 11, 2019

Domitian as Caesar AR Denarius  73 CE

(3.04 gm). Rome

Obv: Leaureate head r: CAES AVG F DOMITIAN COS II

Rev: Domitian on horseback, rearing left, right hand raised adlocutio, scepter in left.

RIC 539 (R) [Vesp]

I absolutely love the portrait on this coin. It is a very...

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